In the 18th century, Guiseppe Broccatelli developed a consuming passion for vine-growing. He produced various wines, among them a very famous Vinsanto. Since then, this passion has been passed on from generation to generation. Later generations continued and developed this passion that has to be adapted to the demand trends. Today, the estate proposes a wide range of table wines, but especially DOC (alike PDO designation) and DOCG (alike PGI designation) which are very interesting and proposed at competitive prices considering the level of quality. The wines proposed include wines benefiting from designations of Montefalco's region, but also of the Torgiano area. These wines are those that captivated our interest.

In Torgiano, the vineyard estate has almost 50 hectares. The wine-making methods are traditional and the vineyard is one of the only two vineyards to produce the most sought after Torgiano Rosso Riserva. The protected designation of origin and guaranteed Torgiano Rosso Riserva is one of the few Italian DOCG. Lungarotti and Antignano are the only ones to produce that so particular wine.

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